Tuesday 28 November 2017

The economics of blogging, and the challenges for traditional media & content creators

I started this blog nine months ago, and have since published 30 articles (excluding this post). On average, each article takes me about four hours to produce - typically about one hour to blast out my thoughts in one go (in an occasional burst of writer's inspiration), and then about three hours to iteratively re-read and edit the text (it is amazing how many times this must be done to remove typos and ensure the text flows smoothly and logically from one point to the next - as a general rule, the easier something is to read, the harder it is to write).

Monday 27 November 2017

All set for the biggest equity bubble in history?

Back in February, I wrote about how my biggest fear in markets was not a melt down, but rather a melt up - a risk I felt investors continued to underestimate. The post - which is one of my best to date (if I may say so), can be found here. Nothing that has occurred in the nine months that have elapsed since that post has assuaged those fears, and indeed, we have seen global markets rally some 15-20% since that point in time, with Bitcoin and other speculative asset classes vastly exceeding that. Events seem to be unfolding in exactly the manner I had most feared.