Monday, 6 February 2017


Welcome to The LT3000 Blog.

I have recently left a decade-long occupation as a professional securities analyst to pursue my passion as a full time investor, and perhaps eventually found and run my own fund. Owing to the now onerously-burdensome (and hence costly) regulatory requirements involved in establishing a fund these days, barriers to entry have risen for small-time punters such as myself. As a waystation, I am managing a small pool my own and friend & family money, and in the meantime, am enjoying being able to dedicate all of my energies to improving my capabilities as an investor. 

I have no grand ambitions for this blog – it just seemed like a fun thing to experiment with. I enjoy writing, and putting ones thoughts into writing is also a useful discipline. It quickly reveals any gaps in the chain of logic; missing facts; or insufficiently-scrutinized assumptions that may have crept into ones though process undetected. I do not wish for this blog to become a chore, however, so I intend to only post as frequently as a I feel inclined.

Aside from satisfying my inability to keep my thoughts to myself, my goals with this blog are to connect with other like-minded individuals; plug myself into the global value investor community; and to have my thinking tested by other competent investors. I primarily work alone at present so such testing is valuable. Please feel free to be as brutal as you wish in the comments (although please keep discussions with others civil) – I enjoy intellectual sparing and I am not easily offended.

The “LT3000” reference is a combination of my initials/nickname, and also a second nickname I acquired early in my career, “3000”, a jestful part-insult part-complement coined by a senior trader, which stuck.




  1. Hi Lyall, I recently stumbled across your excellent blog. Reading your comments on the forager blog and under intelligent investor articles I thought I would google your name to see what came up and subsequently came to your blog.
    Thanks for taking the time and effort to construct a number of high quality insights. Would you mind if I sent an email to the address you provided above. I have written a few small pieces here and there, but am still refining my investment technique.

    1. Hi Andrew. Thanks for your kinds words - appreciate it and glad you're enjoying the blog.

      Yes absolutely - please feel more than free to send me an email. I'm very far from the point where I'm overwhelmed by email traffic from the blog, believe me :-)


  2. Hi Lyall, this is Huchen who used to work with Adam and Matt Smith in Macquarie. I believe I have seen you a couple of times in Singapore office and Jakarta but probably did not have the chance to introduce myself. I really enjoyed your blog. After I quit my day job to do investing full time, Matt told me I wasn't the first one. You serve as an inspiration. Thanks and please keep sharing your thoughts on investment. Oh, I had a sizable position in Dongfeng from a year ago...Yes, a lot of cash on and off balance sheet.

  3. Wow. What a sensational blog. I just read your piece where you discuss your ideas generation methodology (I forget the title of the post).

    For someone who follows a "concentrated approach", and who tends to be drawn to detail (rightly or wrongly), and who seeks a high degree of certainty, it was... illuminating.

    I'm a bit slow, so don't think I could ever even attempt to mimic anything remotely like what you do. But I'm impressed.